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Outdoor exploration and nature based learning in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
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The teaching philosophy of Field, Farm & Forest is best described as "emergent curriculum through nature immersion."


We believe strongly that the students are their own best leaders in their learning.

We allow students to explore their natural environment by letting their inherent curiosity create organic opportunities for learning. The teacher's role is to facilitate this natural inclination for learning. We do this by creating a safe, enriching and engaging natural learning space. We observe, support and interact with the children as they explore, allowing and expecting differences in development and learning styles for different children in the same age group. As the children show interest and aptitude in different areas (like reading, math, writing, art and science concepts), we bring in materials and guidance to help the child extend their skills.

  • The teachers are warm and caring. My grandchild always has a smile when talking about kinglets.

    Grandparent 2015-2016

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful semester!!! It was the highlight of each week.

    Parent Spring 2017

  • Mary Jo and Jess are wonderful! Our kids love going to the kinglet program and never want to leave!

    Parent 2016-2017

Mary Jo O'Niel Field, Farm & Forest end of year celebration.

Mary Jo O’Neill

Jessica D. Simpson The Patient

Jessica D. Simpson

Kristen Langlais in the woods with two children.

Kristen Langlais



Summer Camp Programs

Field Farm and Forest’s 2018 slate of summer camps offers a variety of outdoor fun and exploration for children between the ages of 3 and 10. Camps are held at local community farms and run by our seasoned educators. Each camp session costs $130, with discounts for siblings available.

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Forest Engineering Camp

Located at the Inn at Mountain View Farm in East Burke this camp is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 10 and focuses on “coyote mentoring” nature games, fort building, journaling, & free play. Challenge your senses, learn about ecology, and enjoy good ol’ fashioned summer fun with friends.

Camp Dates: July 10-12, 2018

9:30AM - 1:30PM

Wee Folk Camp

Located at The Inn at Mountain View Farm in East Burke, children between the ages of 3 and 6 will enter into the world of faries, gnomes, trolls, and elves through games, stories, fairy house building and fun adventures in nature in our most popular camp session.

Camp Dates July 10-12, 2018

9:00AM - 12:30PM

Farm and Garden Camp

Located at Wilder Farm in Lyndonville (Teacher Jess’s family farm), 5-10 year olds are invited to explore the fields and forests of a 200 year-old working farm. Meet the farm animals. Harvest and snack on fresh vegetables. Learn about how your food is grown and raised.

Camp Dates Augest 7-9, 2018

9AM - 1PM

Kinglet Preschool Program

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For the 2017-2018 school year, The FFF Kinglets program is offered for children nearing their 3rd birthday-6 years old. Tues-Thurs, from 9am-2pm. Children are welcome to attend two or three days, with a one day option available as space allows.

Daily Rhythm

The preschool day typically begins with a circle time for greeting, group songs and stories and news of the day. Following circle, children will be provided the opportunity to have a snack and prepare to go outside. While specific activities, such as hiking, nature exploration, etc. will vary based on student interest and weather, the majority of our morning will be spent outside. Near lunchtime, we will return to the school and have lunch (either indoors our outdoors) as we transition from the morning to the afternoon. The afternoon is a more relaxed, quieter time, with a rest/nap time and read aloud, followed by independent projects and more outside time as the children’s interests dictate


"I do not and cannot ever know the combination of happiness, hunger, or emotions that energize a bird. But whenever I've watched kinglets in their nonstop hopping, hovering, and searching, seen their intimate expressions, and heard their constant chatter of tsees, songs, and various calls, I’ve felt an infectious hyperenthusiasm flow from them, and sensed a grand, boundless zest for life. They could not survive without that in their harsh world. Like us, they are programmed for optimism.” Bernd Heinrich, in his book “Winter World"


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